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. and wie wanted to end the night mary. >> he's set to be sentenced on april 30th. a special election will be held on june 4th to fill his vacant seet. >> still ahead, a 7-year-old girl races to the rescue. >> the flames started getting louder and higher. >> 86-year-old woman who is -- >> she sprung to action when no one else was paying attention. how firefighters say she may have stopped those flames from spreading. >> also, the snooezing has started before spring. why allergy season has arrived ahead of schedule. >> you could call it a family affair. a group of self-proclaimed gypsies stole millions of dollars worth of electronics there big-name stores. how they did it and what motivated them. . >>> st. peter's square is on lock down tonight. the area cleaned out and cleaned up. the square is empty now, but will give way to hundreds of thousands tomorrow. >> we feel like it's a new breath for the church again. >> many traveling from their homeland. >> i'm very proud. >> the early days of the papacy have been defined by his humble spirit and easy demeanor. as world leaders pour into
court hearing confident. more than 130 elected officials have voted overturning prop 8 and 61% of california voters support same-sex marriage. >> beyond the parents getting married and their children benefitting, there are children growing up today that need to know they have equal opportunity. >> prop 8 supporters, including the national organization for marriage, say it's that shift in public opinion that proves this should not be handled in kourlt. over the phone, board chairman john eastman told nbc bay area quote we should leave prop 8 and doma in place and leave this to the political process. if people change their minds, we can implement through that mechanism. >> she says someone stole her dog. she and her service dog, r-2 were riding home after an spca event. the pomeranian was right in a carrier next to her. she dozed off. when she woke up, archie and his carrier were gone. archie is designed to help people cope with anxiety. >> i'll give reward money. anything. i'm desperate. >> lanahan spent the day putting up posters and searching for archie. >>> well, going horse
of asian descent elected citywide. he was born in taiwan, came to new york at the age of 5. >>> to a consumer alert. more than 200,000 toyota fj cruisers are being recalled. the driver and front passenger seat belts are mounted on the suv's rear door and can become detached if the door panel and the seat belt retractor is cracked. the recall involves sj cruisers from 2007 through 2013. so far toyota says the defect has not resulted in any injuries, but toyota says they will repair any of the vehicles free of charge. >>> surgeons from around the world have travelled to texas to learn the most innovative ways to heal heart surgery patients. new technology can allow patients to get on their feet faster. nbc's rachel mcneil explains. >> reporter: heart surgeons from around the world gather in high-tech labs to learn the latest techniques, the minimally invasive surgery. this is a new era for a traditionally conservative field be. the benefits for patients are vast. >> well you don't get your sternum cracked open. you don't get your breastbone cracked open. i haven't met a singl
's delicate transition to democracy and as the country prepares for upcopping elections. >> we all want to see iraq succeed. this is such an enormous investment of our treasure, our people, and our money in this initiative. the world has an interest in seeing iraq take a leading role in the region as a fungtsing democracy. >> the talk also focused on iraq, granting iran access to its airspace. u.s. officials believe iranian jets are fighting weapons and fighters to support the syrian government. iran and iraq claim the flights are for humanitarian purpose. >>> an italian court is set to decide tomorrow whether to overturn the acquittals of knox and her boyfriend. they were cleared of the murder of meredith kercher back in 2011. nbc's duncan gulstani has more from england. >> reporter: tomorrow amanda knox will find out if she must once again sit in an italian courtroom, or whether her long-running case is closed for good. it's more than a year and a half since the 25-year-old was able to return home a free woman. >> i'm really overwhelmed right now. >> reporter: after four years in prison, she
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4